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Examus deals with leading Russian universities and proof certificates for National Open Education Platform and other MOOCs.

It is very flexible solution, providing at least 25 different types of proctoring.

Examus offers students high level of privacy.

Our service can function over low bandwidth and provides a reliable approach for learners, no matter where they are located.

Also we offer smooth integration with customer's infrastructure.

Case studies
Online Master degree programme — Moscow institute of physics and technology

In autumn 2016 one of the most respectable universities in Russia Moscow institute of physics and technology (MIPT) launched online Master degree program «Modern combinatorics». It was an absolutely online course, the first case in Russia. Students have to come to university only once — for a defence of diploma.

MIPT turned to Examus to provide online learners a convenient and cost-effective alternative to testing centers while ensuring the integrity of the online exam. So MIPT has launched a reliable and comfortable distance education offering for adults who work and have a little time for education.

The university believes this program could become the model for online programs of the future.

MOOC-platform — National open education platform

National Open Education Platform (NOEP) is a high-tech educational platform that provides open access to the best online courses of Russian most world renowned universities. There are more than 400 000 people taking courses online through the NOEP. More than 211 open online-courses are available.

Russian universities accept credits for the courses taken through the platform and provide all the successful finalists with certificates and diplomas. That's why reliable proctoring solution was a matter of a crucial importance for the platform.

Examus was chosen as the most flexible, secure and cost-effective solution. It could fit lots of exam scenarios while ensuring the integrity of the results.

As a plus full outsourcing of proctoring service including communications with universities and students allows the NOEP to reduce the burden on technical support and stuff of the platform.


Higher School of Economics is one of TOP-10 universities by the number of online courses and TOP-30 by number of followers at Coursera. Higher School of Economics is the initiator of the National Platform for Open Education.

We've been using Examus proctoring service for a year and have no hesitation in recommending their solution and would be willing to endorse their abilities with any of their prospective clients.

We use Examus service simultaneously on the National Open Education Platform ( and for HSE's students on the Moodle platform.

In 2017 we launched online exams for our international applicants. It became possible due to Examus service. This new opportunity enable our University to scale abroad and to attract more and more students. For students it's a plus too — they can pass exams in their places even in their countries.

HSE Vice-rector S.Roshchin

National open education platform is a high-tech educational platform that provides open access to the best online courses of most respectful Russian universities. Such as Moscow State University, MIPT, St.Petersburg State University. Higher School of Economics, MISiS, Ural Federal University, St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, IFMO University, Tomsk State University.

There are more than 488 000 people taking courses online through the National open education platform today. More than 250 open online courses are available. Russian universities accept credits for the courses taken through the platform.

Examus has been providing proctoring service for exams on the National open education platform since the beginning of 2016. Examus reliably guarantees our students' identity during finals. This allows our partners to rely on our student's verification.

Examus team is responsible for technical implementation and a full service too, including communication with universities and students. Full outsourcing of proctoring service allows us to reduce the burden on technical support staff.

Furthermore, Examus team demonstrates remarkable progress of the service during our collaboration. They always respond to ours and our students' requests. Their CEO, CTO and every specialist are ready to solve them in the best way, to add new features etc.

It's a pleasure for us to recommend Examus as a trusted service with highly motivated and creative team.

Director of Association D. Jushin

I have been hearing a lot about remote proctoring recently. Why is it so important?

Proctoring service prevents cheating during online-exams and proofs integrity of students and their results.

What is the difference of Examus from Skype (or other similar products), and from own proctoring systems at University?

What is the difference of Examus from Skype (or other similar products), and from own proctoring systems at University?

Skype and its analogues are not specialized solutions for conducting examinations at educational institutions. These products are designed for a different purpose, without taking into account lots of special things of the process. If you compare our services with Skype — Examus is cheaper due to automation. Its productivity is much higher — we are able to exam 100 students not for 100 hours, but for ONE. In addition, Skype does not allow to monitor the desktop and the image of the webcam simultaneously. One needs additional software to record videos for detailed analysis using Skype. If we are talking about «other systems» — the comparison with each of them should be carried out individually.

How is a student identified by Examus?

We use several types of identification:

a) First identification by proctor – proctor checks student's ID and compares ID photo with image received via web cam from student's laptop.

b) Dynamic identification during exam – automatic monitoring that the face has not changed during whole exam.

c) Ex-post identification – the system records student's video and a photo of his/her ID. Afterwards, our proctors or customers' proctors compare these images.

Who monitors a student during an exam – a person or a machine?

Automatic system supports human proctor to monitor an exam more effectively. But there are lots of options. Examus can offer over 25 types of proctoring. It depends on your goals and budget.

How many students can human proctor monitor simultaneously?

It depends on customer's requirements. Usually, one proctor monitors about 6-9 students. That's possible thankful to cyber-proctor (AI & ML algorithm that analyses student's behavior and identifies main ways of cheating) support.

Can I use my staff as proctors?

It depends on a chosen package. You can monitor exams by your teachers or we can provide you with our trained proctors.

Do I need to install any software on my server to use Examus?

No, you don't need. Students install our programme on their PC by themselves.

What LMS is Examus integrated with?

Right now – with OpenEdX, Moodle, negotiating with others. Request a demo and we'll provide you with actual information.

How long and how much does the integration with LMS usually take?

It depends on each LMS and its requirements for the amount of data to be exchanged. Our experience of integration indicates from 1 hour to 1 week. The integration is free of charge, after signing the contract.

Can I use Examus without integration with any platform?

Yes, that's really possible. Contact us and we'll be happy to provide you with more information.

Is it possible to cheat the system?

Possible, but more complicated than to cheat a teacher in the classroom.

Where and how long is the data about exams stored?

It depends on the package, which you choose. In basic option – data is stored during one month on our server.

How to calculate the cost of Examus using?

You can choose your package and multiply by the estimated number of students / hours of the exam. Contact us for more details:

What software and equipment does Examus need?

Students don't need any special devices, but just a standart laptop or PC ( not a tablet) with frontal or external webcam and microphone. Of course, they need to have an access to the Internet.

How is amount of taken exams calculated?

We make a list of taken exams ( even if a student did not come) and calculate overall cost for the accounting period.

Can a student pay for proctoring himself/herself?

Not yet. We are working on this and hope that students will have such an opportunity soon.

Who is already using Examus?

Sberbank Corporate University, Ural State University, MIPT, Higher School of Economics, National Platform «Open Education» and lots of other educational institutions.

Does Examus have a trial version?

Yes, there is a trial version for 50-100 exams in our system. We believe this number of exams is enough to see advantages of Examus and to make right decision

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