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We are happy to announce that today Examus took another step towards those who educate listeners on the Internet.

We have released a plugin for Moodle distance learning system. Moodle — the distance learning system, translated into more than 100 languages and used around the world. According to statistics, in April 2016 Moodle has been downloaded by users more than 7,000,000 times. At the same time for Moodle there were more than 1,000 plug-ins that allow you to customize the system to the needs of each individual customer. Our plug-in allows you to connect Examus proctoring system to the LMS Moodle.

As a nice bonus for the most advanced clients we offer the opportunity to held in proctoring mode not only examinations (quiz), but also any other events provided for LMS Moodle. For example, a video lecture, participation in the discussion forum, views of the text materials.

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