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Light! Camera! Goal!

Examus helped the FIFA and the Research and Practice Center of Medical Radiology to prepare a medical staff to ensure optimal diagnosis and treatment for injured World Cup players

The player's health is a key issue for the FIFA organization. That is why the Research and Practice Center of Medical Radiology have created an online and face-to-face training program for radiologists and technicians from 11 hospitals across Russia.

The first training stage was the 60-minute entrance test. The aim of the test was to measure the baseline skill level of the participants. Participants could take the test in one of four time windows covering the time zones of the chosen hospitals. Every radiologist taking part had to have his or her webcam and microphone turned on, then the Examus proctoring service checked for any potential cheating. The service remotely analyzed test-takers behavior, checked that participants aren't using additional materials or seeking assistance from third parties and so on. After this all the participants had an offline-trainings and the exit test. In the entrance test, nobody was rated as «excellent,» but this rose to four people in the exit test.

It was the first experience of using proctoring-technologies in medicine in Russian Federation. And we express a huge gratitude to our colleagues for the opportunity to contribute to the preparation for the championship.

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