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I have been hearing a lot about remote proctoring recently. Why is it so important?

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Do I need to install any software on my server to use Examus?

No, you needn't. Students install our programme on their PC themselves.

Where and how long is the data about exams stored?

It depends on the tariff, which you have chosen. In basic option – data is stored during one month on our server.

How to calculate the cost of Examus using?

You choose your tariff and multiply by the estimated number of students / hours of the exam.

How is a student identified by Examus?

We use several types of identification:

a) First identification by proctor – prictor checks student's pasport and compares pasport photo with a face he views via web cam.

b) Dynamic identification during exam – automatic monitoring that the face has not changed during all exam.

c) Ex-post identification – the system records student's video and a photo of his document. Afterwards, our proctors or customers themselves compare these images.

What software is necessary to use Examus?

Any laptop or PC ( not a tablet), frontal or external webcam, microphone. Of course, you need to have an access to the Internet.

How many students can one proctor control at the same time?

It depends on customer's requirements. Usually, one proctor for 6-9 students.

Whose proctors examine?

It depents on a chosen tariff. Proctor can be customer's as well as Examus worker.

What LMS is Examus integrated with?

Right now – with OpenEdX, Moodle. One should take into consideration that , as a rule, each LMS installation has its own specification and needs additional settings for data exchange with proctoring.

Can one use Examus without integtration with used platform?

Can, but this will require data exchange between our workers and the customer. Lists of students, lists of Web pages that contain an exam, etc. to be given to us anyway.

Is it possible to cheat the system?

Possible, but more complicated than to cheat teacher in the classroom.

Who is already using Examus?

Ural State University, MIPT, Higher School of Economics, Science Platform «Open Education».

How are the taken exams calculated?

We make a list of taken exams ( even if a student did not come) and calculate overall cost for the accounting period.

Who monitors a student during an exam – a person or a machine?

Automatic system ususally just helps proctor to monitor an exam more effectively. But there is a variant just to use automatic detection of violations – it is less reliable, but considerably cheaper.

Can a student pay for proctoring himself?

Not yet. We are working on this and hope that in September students will have such an opportunity.

Which data schould University give to Examus to conduct an exam?

First and last name ( patronymic name if necessary)

Student's account (e-mail)

Link to the exam page

    Expected duration (rounded to hour)

      A set of rules that proctor should apply(choice from options offered by us)

        What is the difference of Examus from Skype (or other similar products), and from own proctoring systems at University?

        Skype and its analogues are not specialized solutions for conducting examinations. These products are designed for a different purpose, without taking into account the specifics of the process. If you compare our services with Skype — Examus is cheaper due to automation. Its productivity is much higher — we are able to exam 100 students not for 100 hours, but for 10. In addition, Skype does not allow to proctor the desktop and the image of the webcam simultaneously. One needs additional software to record videos for detailed analysis using Skype. If we are talking about «other systems» — the comparison with each of them should be carried out individually.

        How long and how much is the integration with LMS?

        It depends on each LMS and its requirements for the amount of data to be exchanged. Our experience of integration — from 1 week to 3 months. The integration is free of charge, after signing the contract.

        Does Examus have a trial version?

        Yes, there is a trial version for 50-100 exams in our system. This number of exams is enough to see advantages of Examus.

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